5 Most Important Type of Foundation Repair

Having an ultra-solid foundation for your buildings is of utmost importance. Therefore, Foundation repair options consist of a plethora of techniques. They vary significantly and depend on different geographic area as well as the site conditions for the repair. However, foundation repair also depends on the type of soil the structure is built upon.

Concrete was the most favourable material for the repairment of the foundation in the late 1970s. But as per the advancements, the repair has also evolved drastically. Here is the list of some methods used to repair foundations today.

1. Steel piers

Steel piers are one of the modern age solutions for foundation repair. The use of steel piers revolutionized the foundation repair process to a great extent. This is mainly because they take less time and disturb less landscape than conventional concrete piers. Moreover, steel piers are technical in the approach of implementation and data-driven to install.

2. Concrete pier foundation repair

This is one of the most widely used foundation repair or foundation making technique. Companies generally use poured in place concrete piers in the preconstruction phase of buildings. However, they can also be used in repairs works. This was one of the preferred methods of repair prior to the invention of the hydraulic driven steel pier.

There is certain property due to which Concrete piers are preferred. They are a very permanent way to repair a foundation. However, they comprise some drawbacks too. Firstly, the cost and secondly the difficulty involved in getting drilling rigs into residential yards. They don’t provide an ideal situation, therefore, foundation repair contractors have a headache to dig a lot of ground. Overall, the process is very cumbersome difficult. Thus, these factors make concrete piers one of the most expensive modes of foundation repair.

3. Helical piers

These repair methods suit well for external work. Helical piers perform extremely well for exterior foundation repair and interior slab repairs. They are useful for new constructions of structures and as a repair method. These methods are implemented in the light-loaded areas like porch columns or structures with vinyl siding. Therefore, Helical piers are the most versatile pier in the market.

4. Polyurethane Foam

Slab repair are done with the help of high-density polyurethane foam. To use it for foundation repair, producers inject the foam in a checkerboard grid that’s approximately 6 foot on center in the affected area.

This product has undoubtedly become of the most valuable products in the field of foundation repair. They are currently one of the marketplace-driven product. This is because of the price it comes in and speed of repair it offers. One thing that must be kept in mind while using this, it is necessary to perform plumbing tests before foam injection. This ensures that there are no leaks in the supply or drain lines.

5. Spot piers

These are the shallow, hand-dug piers that are usually filled with concrete. This kind of piers provides a superior option for repairing foundations in light-loaded areas, such as porches.

That is in this post. I hope you must consider one of the discussed for the foundation repair options. Share your opinion in the comments section

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