5 Tips How To Do Concrete Leveling

5 Tips How To Do Concrete Leveling

5 tips how to do concrete leveling it is important make sure you do the following in order.

1. Concrete leveling around the home that may be causing the concrete to crack and need making concrete leveling a must when raising the foundation around the home for a solid structural repair. If you find water, make sure to let the ground dry out completely before you start any work and add the proper drain system to keep the problem from coming back.

2. For water drainage solutions and building the proper french drain system that is a minimum 4 feet deep and putting a laser on it to slope 5 inches for every 50 feet in length to get good water flow into the drain pipes. Some french drains if over 100 feet in length need to be as much as 8 feet deep.

3. Concrete leveling for mud jacking or a poly jack injection lift because these foundation repair methods can cause the concrete to crack and break. Mud jacking is a cheap method for repair foundations or cracked concrete that needs concrete leveling.

4. Tear out the old cracked concrete foundation and drill 3/8″ holes every 6 inches of the existing concrete. Put the re bar in the holes you drill and make a grid by tying the re bar with wire ties shaping the grid into 24″ squares and adding rows to expand the grid.

5. Build a wood form the size of the concrete you want to replace, put your re bar grid inside the forms, add some crusher or gravel and use a packer machine to firm up the area then pour the concrete making sure the area is level with a laser.

When doing concrete leveling, How to Raise a concrete foundation

When doing concrete leveling,  you want to know how to raise a concrete foundation you must first make sure the ground is level and if not, you will need to excavate the area before pouring a new concrete slab or adding push pier pilings.

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5 tips to do concrete leveling


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