7 Tips To Protect Home Foundation Repair Problems You Can

7 Tips To Protect Home Foundation Repair Problems You Can


Property foundation is like tree roots, where your house is the tree canopy.  Foundation holds up stabs, walls, roof, ceilings, furniture, your hopes and dream; and with some good planning and some regular maintenance, your foundation would last you for a long time without having to conduct major foundation repair. Here are 7 tips about how to protect your foundation that you can do them yourself.


  1. Examination at home purchase

Let’s protect you from falling into a money pit from the start.  Purchase from reputable developers for first hand houses and/ or look for these signs for potential foundation or basement water problems, check out our blog


  1. For existing homeowners – keeping gutters system clean 

This is the easiest that you can do to keep your foundation in good shape.  Your home should ideally have gutters as they take away overflow rainwater. Hence, it is foundation protection 101 to keep the gutters free of debris always.


  1. Gutters & downspout extension system

It is not quite enough just to have / install the gutters as gutters without proper downspout extension would just be collecting rainwater directly to your foundation line that potentially cause more damages than not having one.  Therefore, gutters and downspout extension in our mind should go hand in hand together to divert water away from you home – preferably at least 20 feet to effective result. They are easily available at nearby DIY stores. Ensure the downspout extension system is clean for it to work properly.


  1. Property slope away from the foundation

If you have soil slopes towards your house, water could easily travel down and saturated against your foundation as shown as puddle of water in your yard.  Either fill dirt to build up the slope around your house or contact us to install a proper drainage system to divert traffic of water.


  1. Right size of working sump pump 

If you have a basement at your house, it would be a good idea to have a sump pump to pump water away to avoid basement water problem.  However, the size of the sump pump should relate to basement area and the average amount of expected water flowing. During rainstorms, always exam if your sump pump is working properly.  Interestingly, a lot of people do not pay too much attention to the basement as it may not be a high foot traffic area of your house, though keep in mind that your foundation is responsible of holding everything in your house and adequate attention should be given to save any future headaches.


  1. Keep a close eye on signs of foundation problems   

Regularly look out for new cracks on walls, floors, tilted chimney and window joints inside and outside of the house.  For expanded list, please refer to our site foundation repair.


  1. Keep regular maintenance 

Not all cracks or un-levelled concrete relates to foundation problem, however, if home owners get them reviewed and fix their foundation problems sooner rather than later, the financial burden involved would typically be lower than having to put in a major foundation repair and complex drainage system to keep your house safe.


It is better to take prevention measures than being reactive.  Call our office for a free estimate in Fayetteville, Arkansas 479-439-0141 or in Little Rock, Ar call 501-314-0305



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