How to fix drainage issues in Little Rock Ar

How to fix drainage issues in Little Rock Ar?

When a homeowner wants to know how to fix drainage issues in Little Rock Ar they first need to develop a plan.

First, you need to determine if a drain system needs to be both inside the interior and exterior of the homes foundation. Most homeowners never imagine you need to dig out the concrete and excavate the soil on the inside of the home.

Many times if you excavate the exterior part around the concrete footer you can do lots of damage and allow even more water to come into your home while weakening the actual walls that hold up your roof and load bearing walls all around your home. These walls will need piers with any drainage work.

Do french drains work in Little Rock Ar?

No. A simple french drain will not always work and can clog up quickly putting more water around your homes foundation.

There is a drain system called a pivotal drain that most homeowners need to install and they are very deep with a full enclosure at the bottom so water will not continue to sink below ground. Mr Foundation Expert is one of the only companies that does these type of drain systems to control water flow.

How much does drainage issues cost?

When a homeowner wants to know how much does drainage issues cost they first need to determine 3 things.

1. How mush water is around the homes foundation.

2. How deep in the ground does excavation of the dirt need to be done around the home to control water?

3. Do you need a grinder system installed or a regular sump pump? Grinder pumps work better.

Can drainage issues make my homes foundation weak?

Yes! Did you know the number one foundation problem we see is always caused by a water problem around the home. How do you stabilize the homes foundation while controlling water problems around the home?

First, you need to determine the water color. Do you see mud in the water if inside the home. Does water sit on top of the ground from heavy rains or is water coming below from a natural spring and overflows when the ground above gets saturated with water?

This can easily be resolved but when most companies excavate the ground they disturb the soil and this allows the ground to release even more water. Do not do this unless you work with a company who understands this water can move in channels below ground with hydro static pressure now.

The best water drainage companies in Little Rock Ar

Some of the best water drainage companies in Little Rock Ar include Mr. Foundation Expert and Ferguson Plumbing Supply.


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