How To Do Foundation Repair NW Arkansas?

How to do foundation repair NW Arkansas?

How to do foundation repair NW Arkansas for homeowners.

First, you need to check for any foundation cracks around the homes foundation.

Second, excavate the ground around the entire home and check the concrete footer. This is what holds up the exterior walls.

Third, you have to install foundation piers after you determine if there is any underground water problems. Water standing above ground can also be very bad for the homes foundation.

How do you fix a cracked foundation?

First, do not install any push steel piers if the concrete foundation is cracked. This can cause more damage and your home may need a specific type of pier to stabilize the concrete foundation by excavating the soil all the way around the exterior. You will then need to install concrete pilings from 4 feet deep to 20 feet deep inside the ground depending on the type of soil.

How do you do concrete raising?

How do you do concrete raising on a homes foundation that is sinking?

First you do not always want to raise the foundation and instead tear out the old and replace it with a new slab or foundation. Many times you can put the new foundation under the old one if the soil will allow it and save the homeowner money.

Second, concrete raising in NW Arkansas can be tricky because of the different types of soil and settlement problems. Many areas have shale below ground that is brittle and even hard rock many companies call bedrock that moves constantly with heat deep inside the ground that causes pressure buildup.

Who is the best foundation repair company in NW Arkansas?

When a homeowner wants to know who is the best foundation repair company in NW Arkansas they first want to ask 3 questions.

1. Does the company do a detailed telephone consultation for at least 30 minutes asking questions about the foundation problem and are they able to pull up a 3 d image of the home so they can check elevation points and determine any foundation issues that look out of the norm.

2. Can the foundation repair contractor give you three different repair options while offering many different concrete pilings, push piers, helical piers and wide body concrete piers to give your homes foundation the support it needs.

3. Has the company discussed what caused the problem around the cracked foundation or are they simply putting a band aid on the repair by installing a pier and selling you a false hope with a warranty.

4. Pick a company that determines the problem first, resolving the problem typically water or bad construction from a builder who did the construction wrong and then offering a foundation repair solution. Call me Mr. Foundation Expert for a free 15 minute consultation 479-439-0141

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