How to find out if I have a structural engineer problem

How to find out if I have a Structural Engineer Problem

Structural engineer problems that have caused my home to need foundation repair companies.

What causes structural engineer problems around my homes foundation? Many cracks in the foundation are caused due to bad construction build by a home builder who did not understand how to build a proper foundation. Get educated here by calling 1-800-561-9039

Did you know most foundation problems are caused by water and soil settlement problems?

If you have water under ground you can’t see and it starts to build up below your concrete slab or even under a crawl space then many times a simple french drain is not going work and can sometimes cause more problems. There is a specific type of water system you can install to make sure the water is taken away from your home.

Do not ever just use a regular landscaping company to install a french drain. This could cause the water problem to become worse and allow hydro static pressure to build up around your homes foundation with water.

How much does a structural engineer cost?

Structural engineer cost will vary depending on the type of problem you have and how severe the foundation cracks have become around the foundation.

A homeowner can figure from $1,234 to $3,542 in engineer cost. If you hire an engineer and they give you a bill of $350 to $500 you have probably hired someone who is far from an expert in the foundation repair problems and has never installed an actual repair solution below ground. Foundation repair can be costly and most reading on the internet is not correct.

How do I know if I need a structural engineer?

First, if you want to know how do I know if I need a structural engineer you first contact a reputable foundation repair firm who has actual contacts with both civil and structural engineers nationwide. Any company who uses just one engineer is a major red flag that should be raised to the homeowner as a conflict of interest.

If an engineer recommends only one type of foundation repair pier like a steel pier then they have not done their homeowner and understand steel push piers can sometimes cause even more damage with hydraulic jacks putting to much pressure on your homes foundation and cause stress cracks. Common senses tells you any cracks in your foundation footing is not good and cracked concrete is never good.

If you need a structural engineer, give us a call and get educated with a free guide and how to keep your home safe from hiring the wrong foundation contractor in Arkansas. Structural Engineers in NW Arkansas that specialize in foundation problems 479-439-0141. We can direct you to three different choices. Structural Engineers in Little Rock Arkansas that are experts call 501-314-0305

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