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Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks


Explore the world’s most iconic towers built out of LEGO® bricks. Journey through cities across North America, Asia and Australia to see what happens when LEGO bricks collide with the world’s most incredible architecture. Some assembly required. With over 200,000 LEGO bricks to experiment with, start building and create your own masterpiece. Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks is on exhibition from June 1 to September 2 at Discovery Place Science. Find a foundation repair contractor in Charlotte NC.

Discovery Place Science

301 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202

Foundation Repair Charlotte NC

Looking for the best foundation repair little rock ar? Mr. Foundation Expert on a daily basis proves to be the best in foundation specialist finding solutions and providing its customers with top expertise in always getting you the perfect repair to problems homeowners find when foundation problems around their home causing problems. This can be a difficult task when using the wrong company so make sure you choose the best. Call 919-229-4466 for a free estimate. Steel pier pilings for a free estimate.


foundation repair little rock ar

How much does house leveling cost?

How much does house leveling cost?  Cost can range from $2,765 to $50,000 based on 1000 square feet to 2500 square feet. There are many foundation repair methods on the market from steel pier pilings, helical piers, concrete pilings, push piers, pier and beam repair, concrete footing piers and even more installation types you have to be very careful with hiring a foundation repair contractor in North Carolina. The problem is these repairs usually do not work and fail within a short time.  Call 919-229-4466 for a free consultation.

foundation repair
foundation repair Charlotte NC

When using steel piers that exert pressure on your homes foundation you crack and do more damage like you see in above picture. The right kind of pier is very important. They just do not last we have found and always need adjusting. How much does foundation repair charlotte cost? You will typically spend the cost by the square footage of your home and can get cost amounts by call us at 919-229-4466. If you need to have the concrete raised or foundation lifted or replaced in most cases call us. Cracked walls, soil settlement problems and water around the homes foundation can sink a foundation. How much does foundation repair in charlotte nc cost? The price is determined by square footage. We offer over 22 different pier technologies more than anyone. We are the only foundation contractor who does not ask for any money up front!

Concrete Raising | Crawl Space Repair | Basement Waterproofing

Before you work with us, we like to get to know you, what your long term goal is and what you expect when you hire a foundation pro in charlotte nc for homeowners with concrete raising problems because your home is an investment you want to keep solid. Basement waterproofing is tricky. We are so confident in our abilities, we know you will enjoy working with us. Call us for a location near you a 919-229-4466 for a free consultation.

We do not get paid until we finish the job. We get a lot of people who like our no pressure laid back attitude with a solid history of being able to fix any foundation problem you have. Call us today for a free consultation at 919-229-4466

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