Concrete Staples

Concrete Staples


Mr. Foundation Expert can solve your cracked concrete problems.


Concrete structures develop cracks over a period of time primarily due to the settling of the structure, soil shifts, thermal movement, etc. Cracks larger than a hairline require your attention now because they will grow. Carbon fiber concrete staples try to stabilize and support poured concrete slabs and provide strength to concrete but they do not always work if you have a problem below ground. Concrete staples do not fix a problem that has underlying issues, causing bowed basement walls and cracked foundation slabs.

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  • Wall Bowing

  • Foundation Crack Repair

  • Sinking Foundation Repair

  • Concrete Leveling

  • Foundation Underpinning

  • Foundation Slab Cracks

  • Concrete Cracks

  • Basement Cracks

  • Bowed Basement Walls

  • Garage Floor Cracks That Expand and Don't Close

  • Swimming Pool Deck Cracks

  • Sea Wall, Bridge, or Dam Cracks

  • Any Concrete Structure Crack

  • 1. What is the best method for repairing concrete cracks?

    The best method is replacement of the area that has the problem with a system called ConcreteShield we designed in-house that uses both steel and concrete by stitching it deep inside the new concrete and old area making both super strong and making sure the ground under the cracked concrete is repaired as well.

    2. How do you fill concrete cracks in with epoxy and does it work?

    Epoxy is one of the worse products for long term if you have water problems or soil settlement because the crack will expand. It just buys you time.

    3. How much does it cost for concrete crack repair?

    Concrete staples are around $500 to $2000 depending on the size of the concrete damage.

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