Crawl Space Repair

Crawl Space Repair Problems with sloped floors and cracks around doors, windows and outside in the brickwork mean you could have a foundation problem.

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Many problems that begin in the crawl space can easily spread to other areas of your home and floors that can result in water problems, structural problems, and air quality problems even causing mold to grow from water problems coming into the crawl space. Mr. Foundation Expert can help with our many home repair solutions.

Here at Mr. Foundation Expert we have many options for home structural services that include Crawl Space Structural Repair, our Unique Crawl Space Encapsulation by using a heavy material to cover the soil, Shimming the Pier and Beam areas, Crawl Space Water Management and Air Quality solutions designed to fit your home improvement goals while making sure it fits your budget while protecting your home.

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Add value to your home crawl space instead of the dark and damp area nobody wants to crawl under of your home and convert it into a cleaner, safer environment while helping the value of the home and your health with better air quality. Get a Free Estimate Calling 501-314-0305 or 479-439-0141

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Problems that begin in the crawl space can affect the entire home

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Crawl space homes are well known in Arkansas, but can be found just about anywhere. Since crawl spaces are left exposed to the elements because homeowners leave the vents open which is a bad idea, they are going to be likely to have foundation damage.

When it comes to crawl spaces, there are 4 areas of concern for a homeowner with crawl space problems:

Concrete Cinder Blocks: They are not properly put into the ground by excavating and pouring a proper foundation footing under each cinder block to give support at least 2 feet to 4 feet deep with a wide body stance to help the foundation from sinking and causing the floors to slope.

Structural Problems:  Structural issues weaken the support system of the home, causing floors to sag, cracks in walls and doors & windows that stick – Left unaddressed, these stability issues can dramatically impact the value and appearance of your home.

Water Problems:  Water seeks the path of least resistance and enters your crawl space through weak points. Pooling water underneath the home can lead to structural damage, rot, mold, and unpleasant odors throughout the home.

Air Quality Problems and Mold Growth:  Have you you noticed musty & smelly odors coming up through your home? This could be from the crawl space? Around your home, hot air rises from below and escapes through the sub floor, carpet, hardwood floors sloping and even tile  near the base of the upper level of the floor. When your home is having problems in the crawl space, the air you breath inside your home comes from the humid crawl space area that is causing problems. This can be damaging to your healthy and is known as the Stack Effect which can cause major issues.

The crawl spaces can become a major problem with wood rot, pooling water, uneven floors and foul smelly odors. You can also get mold from an untreated problem crawl space area and we all know mold can do major damage also.

Make sure you do quarterly foundation inspections of the crawl space area so you are not having any problems.

We are experts at fixing crawl space problems is easy with Mr. Foundation Expert

When you call Mr. Foundation Expert, we ask you a lot of questions before we ever come out to your home and what kind of problems you see are affecting your crawl space to determine the best repair solution by our company. We want to look at several factors from water damage coming in around the foundation and check each pier and beam support under the home. We can then fix the foundation problems  from cracks or sagging floors. When you choose us, we want to not just put a band aid on the problem with a simple lift and shim but make sure it last the life of your home with simple re-adjustments. Any company who tells you that it is fixed for good with crawl space problems is lying, the ground will always shift so it is important to use a foundation lift system that can easily be adjusted in a few minutes if that area of the floor sinks again.

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Our company can fix crawl spaces of all types and square footage while making sure you can have your home foundation repaired on a great budget.

Call the experts at Mr. Foundation Expert. We have developed proven methods to repair crawl space homes to help homeowners protect their investment with great home warranty’s.

Mr. Foundation Expert Crawl Space services products include:

Structural Repair Problems

  •  We replace damaged or missing crawl space support beams and floor joist that will improve the structural support. This will to help restore your sagging floors and  sometimes eliminate cracks in the walls if the home and be lifted.
  • We also add deep foundation footer systems below the ground to improve the structural stability of the home.
  • We make sure all pier and beam supports are not having issues from tree roots and offer Root Barriers to protect home.
  • We can use adjustable pier systems to help lift a homes foundation.

Interior Water Management

  • We offer sump pump installation for great flow rate and durability. This removes pooling crawl space water for you.
  • Drain Pipe & Gravel Rock. This helps remove the pooling crawl space water. We add a filter fabric to keep it free from clogs.

Exterior Water Management Better Know as Water Control and Drainage

  • Pivotal Drain System with a barrel system to keep water on top of the drain.
  • French Drain System with gravel and ads drain pipe.
  • Double Barrel Drain, this is a combination drain that collects water below grade when there is a water table.
  • Surface Drain Box, this removes pooling surface water from the ground into a drain box.
  • Downspout Extensions, this helps move water out and away from the home foundation.
  • Sump Pump Systems.

Water Discharge With A Full Sump Pump System

  • Sump Pump Basins and Sump Pumps forcing the discharge of water 41 gallons per minute that enters the crawl space area.
  • Gravity Discharge, we use a downward slope to discharge pooling water away from the home foundation and away.
  • We can use a battery back up system in case you loose power and even a water alert alarm inside your home.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

  • Crawl space vapor barriers will improve the air quality and water issues using a moisture-resistant barrier after we install it on walls and on the floor or on top of the soil for drainage and air exchange solutions to keep the foundation safe.
  • Crawl space repair with our system will keep the structural support of posts solid underneath the floors.
  • One of the best systems to use is a crawl space dehumidifier and close off the vents and insulate them to keep air out.
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Mr Foundation Expert can restore sagging crawl space floors

Restore and support collapsing or unsafe crawl space areas. All of our certified structural technicians can quickly identify and repair failing pier and beam supports using adjustable support beams for the foundation.

Crawl Space Encapsulation & Repair reduces moisture and humidity under the home

house levelingA dirt crawl space is frequently saturated with moisture and water control problems. To help eliminate moisture from the crawl space and seal it off from harmful conditions, Mr. Foundation Expert will install a vapor barrier encapsulation system that helps your crawl space look and feel just like the rest of your home adding valuable home equity.

Crawl Space Encapsulation uses our heavy duty thick liners from 15 mil to 28 mil in thickness that will act as a vapor barrier to protect your crawl space from all the negative effects of moisture problems. This will greatly improve the air quality and help with sinus issues inside the home.

Call us to get a free estimate for crawl space encapsulation. It is a great home improvement investment for home repairs. It can improve indoor air quality helping with sinus problems and mold growth, help save energy cost,  and get rid of pest around your home especially termites, spiders, snakes and bugs.

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