Foundation Repair Fayetteville AR

Due to increase demand from customers our office is now mobile with fully equipped trucks instead of local offices so we may offer for 24/7 emergency support from NW Arkansas to Texarkana!
Mr. Foundation Expert is a structural repair company you can rely on for foundation repair in Fayetteville AR. We have more than 50 years of combined knowledge with our crew in providing accurate expert diagnosis of structural problems and execution of plans. If you need a reliable contractor, call us at 1-479-231-3344. We can provide no high pressure estimates and consultations.
Settlement and Sinking problems in Fayetteville and NW Arkansas are growing year over year. Home builders are building homes so fast that they are not building properly and putting homes on land that already has soil problems and water problems.
French drains installed around homes and proper gutter systems that carry water away from the home a minimum 25 feet is just one of the things you need to make sure the home you are buying or currently in has these important factors to keep your home on a solid foundation.

No matter how well-made or expensive your house is, at one point or another, it’s going to need repairs. In fact, regular maintenance and site checks are a must. This is to help lessen the costs of foundation repair in Fayetteville. Signs to watch out for to find out if there is a problem with the foundation of your house:


How much does foundation repair cost?

You can usually estimate the foundation repair cost by square footage, how many feet the walls are between windows, doors, how many cracks are in the walls. The size of the cracks and how long they have been there.

• Sloping or uneven floors mean problems. If you put a tennis ball or marble on your floor and it keeps rolling to one side, then it is obviously uneven. This can mean the foundation below has gave out and you have issues.

• Cracks in the ceilings and cracked walls. It is very important that your entire house is sealed from the outside to prevent foreign materials from entering your home and also to help reduce electricity costs, especially during the winter when your heater is on.

• Wall Cracks.  Warning, if you see cracks on just about any part of your home in the walls, brick or sheetrock you should call us.

How do foundation problems in Fayetteville AR affect home value?

A typical homeowner will see a 25% to 50% decrease in home value when a foundation crack is found.

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For reliable foundation repair in Fayetteville, contact Mr. Foundation Expert. Our family-owned business is experienced in handling commercial and residential properties. If you aren’t sure if there is a problem with your foundation but just want to be safe, you may contact Mr. Foundation Expert for a free engineer consultation. We’ll even offer a no-hassle guaranteed estimate. Call us at 1-479-231-3344