Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Cracks in walls mean you might have a foundation repair problem.

  • Guaranteed Home Warranty’s for cracked walls mean you might have a foundation problem.
  • Certified Structural Repair Technicians To Keep Your Home Foundation Safe.
  • Free 15 Minute Consultation With a Licensed Trusted Expert for A Free Estimate.
  • Financing Sources with Payments Starting as Low as $118.00 a Month.
  • 15 Different Foundation Repair Methods.

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What causes foundation problems?

Mr. Foundation Expert has been serving homeowners for many years as a concrete contractor. While, we have worked on just about every kind of foundation problems, including concrete slabs, crawl space, pier and beam and basement homes. We’ve developed specialized repair solutions to fix all types of foundation issues, including cracked foundation repair, slab and block foundation repair, basement and crawl space leak repair, wet basement repair, foundation walls and any other issues that need a foundation inspection. How do you find any other signs of foundation problems? Get A Free Estimate by Calling 501-314-0305 or 479-439-0141

Mr. Foundation Expert has uses over 15 different foundation repair methods that use a combination of concrete pilings using a push pier system, steel pilings using hydraulic jacks, adding a new wide body foundation footing for concrete repair and many others. Ask us for a free 15 minute consultation.

Our HomeSafe pier system is one of the leading foundation repair methods available worldwide because we custom make everything on site. Mr Foundation Expert offers foundation solutions for residential and commercial applications you can trust and depend on.

Pier products to stabilize your homes foundation with steel reinforced segments provide the wide support deep in the ground creating a wide body stance to hold up your foundation with concrete sections that offer better support and last longer. Most company’s tell you they go to load strata or bedrock when in fact, they do not have X-Ray Vision or ground penetrating radar to see exactly what they are pushing the pilings down to and what they are actually sitting on. They simply tell you they use a pressure gauge to tell them the depth. Be very careful with this method if your current foundation is cracked.

Guaranteed Warranty’s! Protect your investment when your home is repaired. We give you peace of mind knowing you have chosen Mr. Foundation Expert, one of the strongest leaders in foundation repair in Arkansas

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Foundation Cracks | Foundation Lifting | Steel Pilings | Helical Piers |

When your home has foundation cracks, you can do foundation lifting with  steel pier pilings as long as you don’t have water issues inside the ground.

Helical piers are a screw pile method that should never be used in a residential setting. Your house needs the support of a sound foundation. We offer foundation repair near you, click to find us. Or call 501-314-0305 or 479-439-0141

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