Home Inspection

Home Inspection

Did you know most regular home inspections are not licensed as foundation inspectors. This means they are not trained in understanding to know when a crack is found. What to do so they always tell the buyer or seller to contact a foundation repair company to find out exactly what is going on. It makes you wonder if these foundation repair salesman will be on your side and give you the best advice instead of just trying to sell you a repair product for $20,000 to $35,000 dollars.

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When you are buying a home, don’t just rely on a regular home inspection, there are two home inspections every homeowner needs, the first that is the most critical is a home foundation inspection by a licensed company and the second is a regular home inspection.

Do not purchase a home without knowing what is deep in the ground around the homes foundation. A regular home inspector can’t see below ground. They have no x-ray equipment that can penetrate the ground known as ground radar. You must know what kind of shape the soil and concrete foundation below ground is in before you make a buying decision. You don’t want a mistake with a huge mortgage the rest of your life for.


Mr. Home Inspectors work with buyers, sellers, and homeowners to offer comprehensive home inspection services that specifically deal with the homes foundation.  When buying or selling a home you need a qualified and trusted home inspector specifically foundation inspections. They can assist in providing information regarding the condition of the home foundation.  Our company inspect homes to determine if any repairs should be made.

We can make sure you do not buy a lemon when purchasing your home. Call us at 501-314-0305 or 479-439-0141