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Exterior Water Management

Have you got standing water outside your home causing drainage problems?

How does poor drainage damage your yard, landscaping and plants? It can And serve as a breeding ground for mold and health problems as well as mosquitos.

  • When You Have Poor Drainage it Leaves Your Home Vulnerable to Foundation Cracks and Soil and Settlement Problems.
  • Proper Water Management is Essential to Homeowner Maintenance Keeping the Home Repairs at a Minimum.
  • Proper Water Management is Critical to Long-Term Foundation Support and performance to be stable.
  • French Drains and Downspout Management is Critical. Call us for a free Water Management Guide.
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drainage problem

When you talk to Mr Foundation Expert, we provide extensive exterior water management that is critical to protecting your home from leaks and saving your landscape from soil erosion problems. When we are Installing our advanced drainage systems for water control it prevents water from building up and causing foundation cracks or basement leaks to form around your home.

Mr. Foundation Expert has a specialized Pivotal Drainage System to remove excess water by not letting the water continue to drop within the drain system itself as it travels through the drain pipe, gravel and box drain system to improve the home foundation and help prevent cracks around the foundation.

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Basement Waterproofing

Do you have a wet basement? How do you fix a leaky basement? We offer a variety of cost-effective Basement Waterproofing Solutions to help control water problems.

leaky basement

When you ignore water problems, moisture can turn your basement into a dark, damp, scary place you hardly use when it should be the perfect escape. Keep your basement drys and add valuable basement living space keeping your home safe. Get a Free Estimate at Mr. Foundation Expert.

Our company Mr. Foundation Expert offers complete home structural services include Basement Waterproofing,  Basement Repair and Mold Removal & Air Quality solutions designed to fit your home improvement repairs on any budget. Mr. Foundation Expert is Trusted & Licensed!

  • Complete Comprehensive Waterproofing Solutions for Drainage Problems.
  • Company Trained Certified Structural Technicians to do Home Repairs.
  • Get A Free 15 Minute Consultation with A Highly Skilled, Licensed & Trained Foundation Contractor.
  • Decades of Experience & Knowledge with our Combined Crews
  • We Don't Sub our Work out from Concrete Contractors like other companies. We do the Actual Work!
  • Financing Sources, Credit Cards, Checks for payment forms.
  • Full Customer Service and Support along with our Guaranteed Home Warranty's.
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Our Dry Basement System can add valuable living space to your home as well as increase the value. Jobs usually take 5 to 7 days for basement repair and we never ask for one single penny up front until we are done with the job! You know you are dealing with a reputable company when no deposits are required up front.

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Basement foundations can be vulnerable to water seepage

water seepage Many homes with basement foundations and small cracks will make water leak inside causing hydro static pressure and can lead to serious structural damage and moisture problems causing mold and foundations to sink. The longer you wait to address the problems, the worse the problem can get. Call us 501-314-0305 or 479-439-0141 for a free estimate.

What can happen with moisture problems in homes with basement foundations? Some problems include below:

  • Water intrusion from cracks between poured basement floor and footer.
  • Slab floor can swell up and contract with the soil.
  • Cracks in the basement floor that allow water to seep come in.
  • Cracks or pressure on the basement wall mortar joints that allow water to seep inside to the floor.
  • Windows that leak or sweating walls that bead water can trap water inside the concrete blocks that trap water to flow down into the footing and allow moisture into the basement causing flooding on top and under the slab.
  • Bowed walls and walls that lean can leave the basement susceptible to water intrusion inside a home causing water problems and drainage issues.
  • Subsurface water when hidden underneath the foundation from a high water table or outside drainage problems can cause structural damage and need a structural engineer possibly.
  • How to spot cracks in basement walls that develop and worsen as the expansive clay soils supporting the foundation expand and contract over time from soil and settlement problems.
  • Sump pumps do not always worked if put into a french drain system that is not wide enough or deep enough and allows water to still get under your footer causing it to sink. You think you fixed the leaky basement and you can actually do more damage and need a foundation contractor.

Mr. Foundation Expert does a free How to Keep You Dry Basement Systems 30 video series. Call us for the free video sent to your phone 501-314-0305 or 479-439-0141. Homeowners should understand water will always find the least of path resistance to come into your home foundation and cause serious foundation structural damage that needs home repair. Be careful when a company says they have a patented technology to fix your foundation problem. You can patch one area and that water known as hydrostatic pressure will simply move into another area and push on the concrete slab needing a concrete contractor or make your walls crack and sheet rock crack.

Three great tips to waterproof your basement:

What are the three great tips to waterproof your leaky basement? What does basement waterproofing do to protect my home? Mr. Foundation Expert has the solutions and options for you to choose from for any budget:

Waterproofing or water control will help prevent water from getting into the basement from the outside or inside. Depending on your home improvement repairs and how severe the water problems are affecting your foundation, there are three great tips to consider for your home:

1. Interior Waterproofing with drain systems and sump pumps

One repair method of waterproofing your home is excavating the floor at least 24 inches around the base from inside of the basement. Leaking water is allowed to enter the basement floor under the slab, and then is pushed in a downward motion into drainage pipe. As concrete contractors we demo the existing concrete floor and add commercial grade grinder sump pumps that will actually chew up debris, rock and soil that could find its way into the drain system. If you do not use these, your drainage system possibly could clog and fail.

  • Some drainage systems installed inside the basement with  more than one sump pump.
  • Concrete demolition of concrete floor and replacing cracked floors.
  • In some cases you want both an interior drain and exterior drain.
  • Cutting out the floor for interior waterproofing allows water into your basement, then carries it away.
  • Never use dry lock on a wall if you do not install a drainage system for waterproofing.
  • Interior wall caulking is a bad repair for cracked basement walls without a drain system.

2. Exterior Waterproofing

This is where we find water problems around the homes foundation and do waterproofing on the outside of your home outside of the basement walls when there is more water than normal coming in. We even add sump pumps in some cases on the outside in a deep basin system to help stop water from gutter systems that put to much water at the base of the foundation before it enters your basement area. This method often requires excavation of soil as close to the basement wall as we can get and includes an exterior moisture barrier to help channel water into the drain system. Do not be fooled thinking this system will keep water 100% out of the home when you waterproof a finished basement because water wants to travel the path of least resistance.

  • Sump pump systems should always be used to take the wear and tear of drain pipe and keep it clean.
  • We make sure to landscape the outside if you want after doing the interior waterproofing.
  • Home Warranty on each sump pump system.
  • Includes exterior wall waterproofing with moisture barrier rubber wall to protect the basement walls. GET A FREE ESTIMATE by Calling 501-314-0305 or 479-439-0141

3. Keep gutters clean to allow water to flow into downspouts and make sure water is carried a minimum 20 feet.

How to keep gutters clean and be safe while doing home repairs? Leaf guard gutter systems are great for protecting a foundation. You need to do just more than that and keep the water flowing down into the downspout and carried far away from the home. Those downspout extensions are usually no good if they are 2 feet to 5 feet in length.

  • Carry the water a minimum 20 feet because we want to keep that foundation as dry as possible.
  • Make sure the water goes into a drain system below ground and dig out the french drain with a pitch that slopes down 5 to 10 inches for every 20 feet.

Learn more about exterior waterproofing systems.

Which Interior waterproofing or Exterior Waterproofing method works best for my home?

We prefer interior waterproofing with a exterior waterproofing outside also to have that added insurance protection for water problems. To determine which solution works best for you, Call Mr. Foundation Expert Certified Structural Technicians and we can offer you a free 15 minute consultation about your wet basement to determine where the problems occur and give you a dry basement system. Our friendly staff will consult with you about your long-term home improvement repairs and then identify the best possible repair solution for your home.

Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION at 501-314-0305 or 479-439-0141

We fix basements of all types and sizes and offer over 3 different estimate options for any budget.

Guaranteed repairs, home warranty's and complete customer satisfaction is our promise to you at Mr. Foundation Expert. Never asking for ANY MONEY UP FRONT! You can tell a lot about a concrete contractor, foundation contractor and general contractor when they don't ask for any money up front! That is us!

We offer these fine Basement Waterproofing products & services that include:

  •  Our most powerful interior water discharge system using black water sump pumps & grinders.
  • 1 inch clean rock that is fully resistant to crushing from water.
  • Wall tie backs into existing wall systems to keep walls from tilting after the drainage system is installed.
  • 3 Different ADS drainage pipe systems as backup in case one clogs or fails.
  • Gravity flow drain systems that uses a gradual slope to discharge pooling water away from the home foundation.
  • Interior Water management for water control for basements with monolithic slabs that need a different repair method.
  • Under slab floor drain. This is Installed under slab being careful not to go under the footer because it can weaken your foundation.
  • Exterior Water Management for poured concrete and masonry block walls for exterior water management.
  • Heavy duty catch basin kits for Surface Drain problems. This allows and removes pooling surface water.
  • Mr Foundation Expert sump pump systems that discharges water once it enters the basement and carried outside far away from home.
  • Gravity flow drain systems that uses a gradual slope to discharge pooling water away from the home foundation.
  • French drain system traditional for water management and water control systems.
  • Concrete footer drain with gravel fill. This discharges pooling water and alleviates hydrostatic pressure from outside the basement.
  • Commercial basement dehumidifiers to help reduce humidity inside the home for a more comfortable environment.
  • If you need a downspout extension, only add those if you have them run into a drain system.



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