Structural Home Warranties

Attention Home Buyers and Sellers.

If you are buying a home, do not purchase a home without a Structural Home Warranty. This can be one of the most important purchases of your lifetime and you want to make sure the home is safe and stable from any structural problems that might have foundation repair problems.

Did you know, when you pay for a home inspection, home inspectors are not licensed or educated in how to spot possible foundation problems and if they find a possible problem, they always tell you to get a foundation repair specialist to look into the matter?

This can be concerning because how do you know the foundation repair company has your best interest instead of just trying to sell you a foundation repair job? You don’t. this is where a structural home warranty will help you know the home you are buying is safe if any structural repair problems happen and it has some coverage.

structural home warranties

Get A Free Quote For A Structural Home Warranty. Homeowners, if you are selling your home, make sure you help your buyers feel safe and secure with a Lifetime Structural Home Warranty to protect the foundation. Call 1-800-561-9039 for a free quote to find out how much coverage you can get. Coverage starts at $29.93 per month! Very affordable. Make your home stand out with a lifetime transferable structural home warranty.

Call the home warranty experts. This is not your average home warranty. This covers the actual foundation of the home. Many home repair problems with a refrigerator or washing machine that goes out is less than $750 to replace. The average foundation repair bill can be over $20,000. You can’t buy a home without making sure the foundation is safe.

Home Inspectors can’t see below the ground to see if the concrete foundation is cracked. When there are small cracks in the sheet rock above doors and windows. it can be the start of major foundation damage.

Call us to discuss a Structural Home Warranty that can cover the roof structure of foundation damage down to the foundation footer it self! Call 1-800-561-9039