Water Control





1. How do you install a french drain?

French drains are usually installed a few inches below the ground by digging out the ground and putting gravel inside with flexible pipe to let the water run through.

2. Do french drains work?

Not always. In fact most french drains we see fail within 6 months or less. Some will last a little longer but the problem with them becomes they are not dug deep enough and use old methods that landscapers who do not understand geology and soil erosion problems. A tile drain system is best. Learn more by calling us at 1-800-561-9039

3. How do you install a sump pump?

A sump pump system is installed deep in the ground at the lowest point of where your water problem is coming in so water will get a running start inside the tile drain system and carry itself away into the sump pump.

4. How much does a sump pump system cost to control water problems?

Cost for a good sump ump can range from $450 to $1,500. You do not want to buy the sump systems from you local hardware stores. They do not work correctly and they do not last.

5. How big of a sump pump do I need?

The best ones start at 41 gallon Per Minute sump system. This means they carry 41 gallons of water in and out of the pump per minute. You also want to get a black water system that will eat up heavy items up to 3 inches in diameter! This is your home and you want to protect it.

6. How do I fix a drainage problem?

First, you need to determine where is the water coming from. It can come from the gutter system, run off from streets, ground that has become like a sponge and will not hold anymore water and in crawl space problems you can find water just sitting under the home because the sunlight never hits that area of the home to dry it out. Different problems require different solutions and a french drain will not always work if the ground is not good.

7. Which landscape company does the best drain systems for water problems?

Landscapers do not know how to do proper tile drain systems. We do have a free booklet on tile drain and french drain installation we can download to your email address if you call us at 1-800-561-9039

Water is the main enemy in expansive soils. Water drainage and moisture control problems are among the most common causes of foundation failure. Most differential movement is caused by differences in the soil moisture. Too much water causes soil to expand while too little water causes them to contract. When soils become saturated with water the clay content becomes expanded and loses strength. When this happens inconsistently around areas of the home it can compromise the integrity of the foundation.

Water that penetrates underneath a crawlspace can also lead to mold, rotten wood, pests, insects. Water flowing underneath a concrete slab can causes erosion problems leading to voids underneath, cracks in the slab, flooring and walls.

Here at Mr. Foundation Expert we understand water problems need a special custom plan and we do just that being the number one water control expert in the nation with our franchise locations servicing the USA and Asia markets. When it comes to your home to help control moisture levels and excessive water drainage issues. Call Mr. Foundation Expert at 1-800-561-9039 and schedule a 15 minute engineer consultation. Our Beaver B Gone Water Control Systems are known worldwide for taking water away forever.